"Bizcraft Recruitment Services relies on a comprehensive 21 step recruitment process. This process ensures that we only ever recommend candidates of the highest quality, candidates that we would employ ourselves if the roles were reversed."
~ Peter Breedveld ~

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What can you expect when working with a Bizcraft Recruiter?.

Our promise is to go the extra mile for less. Not possible you say, try us!

We want to ensure that the process of finding a suitable candidate for your vacancy is as simple as possible. We want to ensure that you find the most talented candidates to interview and that these candidates suit your companies culture, and most importantly we want to ensure that the recruitment process is as affordable as possible.

For these reasons we make the following promises. Firstly, you will always receive the very best rates from Bizcraft, in fact our standard recruitment fee of 8,333% is more then 30% cheaper then our closest competitors. Secondly, for this unbelievably low rate we guarantee the absolute best service levels possible. We respond to E-Mails within 2,5 hours of receiving them, we answer calls and if we miss one we WILL call you back ASAP. Finally we will provide you with a weekly feedback report on the progress we are making finding a suitable candidate for your vacancy.
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Our 21 Step Recruitment Process

Below is an outline of the process we follow for each and every placement we assist with.

1) Conduct a telephonic interview with the hiring manager to clarify the job description and clarify your companies needs. During this process we build our OP (Opportunity Profile) of the vacancy.

2) Check against our existing database for leads.

3) Advertise the position on all the major web portals and via social media to attract qualified candidates.

4) Narrow the pool of leads generated by eliminating candidates who do not meet the requirements of the OP.

5) Qualify candidates via an initial online questionnaire.

6) At this stage we are able to sift the potential finalists from the window shoppers, tire-kickers and under-qualified.

7) Perform an in depth telephonic interview with the potential finalists. This interview stage would ideally be conducted via a video chat.

8) Reference check finalists performance with former supervisors and colleagues.

9) Check and verify finalists credentials. Once complete we finalize our CP (Candidate Presentation)

10) Present CP documents of the finalist candidates to the hiring manager. These candidates meet the experience level and qualifications of the OP of the position are committed to finding a new employment opportunity.

11) Arrange and coordinate the interviewing schedule between the hiring manager and the successful candidates.

12) Prepare and counsel nominees for interviews by spelling out company needs, culture and hiring authority personality, etc..

13) Prepare the client for interviews by providing details of the telephonic interview, reference and credential checks.

14) Debrief candidates after each interview, answering unanswered questions etc..

15) Debrief client hiring authority after each interview, assessing strengths, weakness, incompatibilities etc..

16) Discuss with hiring manage on possible offers to be made

17) Participate with the company in providing the necessary information required for negotiating an acceptable offer

18) Reconcile any differences with successful candidate to smooth the way for acceptance

19) Assist the successful candidate in cleanly terminating their current position

20) Work with spouse placement if necessary

21) Follow up after placement to assure new employee integration

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